On this page you’ll find further details and tutorial videos about how DoXpert works. For more information, personalized demos or trainings, please contact us.

DoXpert’s document generator engine builds up documents by filling the questionnaire answers into the pre-defined clauses. Upon document generation paragraph numbering, layout and cross-reference generation is automatic, so there’s no need for proofreadings of the whole document.

The video below shows the document generation only, how it happens when the necessary document foundations and parameters are already set within the application.


In order to generate documents fast and easy as shown above, preparatory work is needed. To be able to generate one type of document as many times as you need, you only need to go through the creation of parameters, questions and clauses once, shown by the diagram below. The presented subprocesses are in order, so it is recommended to start your work with parameter creation and continue it with question creation, and so on.

In order to kick off with the application quickly, during registration you are able to chose demo data too. On below video you can also watch the full tutorial how to create the very same set of data, as this video shows the full process of how to create a new document type from scratch. In this video, you’ll also see that after registering with no demo data, you land on an empty dashboard. At the end of the video, you’ll also see the dashboard populated with the newly created clauses questions and documents.

For more information, personalized demos or trainings, please contact us.